Welcome! Here, color and fire are the honored currencies. Our gem and diamond buyers, graders, lapidaries and goldsmiths take pride in offering rare and precious gemstones, fancy and unusual diamonds, and creating bespoke and custom jewelry that is ‘anti-disposable-fashion’, and are scintillatingly colorful amalgams of brilliantly crafted gems, gold and diamond.

gem sourcing

fine and precious colored gemstones and diamonds as singles, pairs, suites, color gradients and sets

create fine jewelry

with us, in single pieces or multiples, in modern and vintage styles with superlative colored gems and diamonds

Customize gem types, gold colors, ring sizes and laser your own brand in to the following best selling designs

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Meet Us

In this excerpt video from our LiveStreams, meet us: Simon & Oke, FGA and GIA gemologists, gem dealers and jewelers with years of professional experience between us!