Blue & Pink Sapphire Fizzy Stacker 14k Ring


An exquisitely crafted ruby bandeau ring in 2-tone 18k gold. A hand engraved masterpieces with milgraining and flowers of ruby and yellow diamond. Exudes classic style. A vintage reproduction, This design was popularized by Cartier in the 1920’s. Certified.

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GEM TYPE Spinel & Pink Sapphire
WEIGHT (CT) 1.28
SHAPE Geometric & Rounds
TREATMENT None, and Heated
LUSTER Scintillating
ORIGIN Thailand & Madagascar
OTHER Comes In A Classic Jewelry Box
OTHER Custom Made in 2 Weeks
DELIVERY Shipped in 6 Days, with FedEx

Clarity Visualized

Clarity Explainer

Internally Flawless crystals occur infrequently and the market-reality is they are actually unusual. VVS is where most ‘clean’ gems fall on the clarity scale, and VS can be thought of as ‘eye clean at jewelry viewing distance (30cm+)’. With SI and I becoming included. Pls read the Clarity page for more info.

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Diamond Color

Diamond colors range from D-colorless to Z-vivid yellow. Most cheaper commercial diamonds fall in the H to M color range and exhibit a slight to medium yellow hint. All our diamonds are in the fine quality E F G range .

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  • All our diamonds are 100% natural.
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Our gemstones are vetted during purchasing by highly experienced gemologists, and then formally tested in our own lab. Many of our gems are also awarded reports by independent gem labs — making a triplicate of gemological security.

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We support ethically purchased gemstones from artisanal miners, small businesses and local communities. We avoid gems connected to environmental degradation and human rights abuses, and we try to use recycled gold whenever we can.


Our gems come in high-quality paper gem-wraps¹, or protective display boxes². We do not use any single-use plastics at all that are bad for the environment. Sturdy, secure recycled thick-paper mailing envelopes ensure everything arrives in perfect condition.


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