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Operator Commands The full list of operator commands to allocate MD invoices to right places and people in Trello
MD Wild Card Search Open CoLabs and Press the Run Button for to search MD for partial, incomplete and complete terms.

To aid the distribution of data to the right people and places, we have allowed for ‘input commands’ . These commands are written into the ‘description’ field in Managed Diamonds
#n #N – for tradeshows and / or for goods shipped from USA stock (stops data flowing to project management systems such as Trello)
MANUFACTURER COMMANDS – assigns an order to a specific external contractors (3 letters)
#mnn – Nam Neung
#mss – Shashank
#myu – K Yu
#mbr – Brasert
#mma – Mike A
#mca – Carol
#mtf – Ten Fingers
#mbt – BeeTree
OPERATOR COMMANDS – assigns an order to a specific internal team-members (2 letters)
#oo – Oke
#os – Simon
#om – K Mam
COMBINE / CONSOLIDATE COMMANDS - tells an order to be paired with another invoice


#cek Erica Kissack's board
#cjd Jeff Dever's board
#cbs Brett Sanderson's board
#ccl Chi Lin's board