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We create and provide 100% original written content, videos, images and photomicrographs that are factually and gemologically accurate, that are not copied from anyone. 

In an era where online inaccuracies become shared and amplified, we provide the Learn and Notes sections as accurate explanatory resources based on our experiences as industry gemologists in one of the world’s largest gem markets.

In our hyper-connected world where everyone has a smart-phone and an internet connection, Facebook and Instagram have become the lowest-barrier-to-entry in terms of instant potential-client reach.

Many of the gem and jewelry images on social-media are heavily filtered and clumsily color adjusted in apps simply to garner more “likes”. As a consequence, many of the posts are little more than ‘gem-porn’, detached from the product’s actual quality-reality and posted by people who are not professional, and that have often never even seen what they post.

On social media, when one scrolls through gem and jewelry hashtags, many of the jewelry pieces, diamonds and gemstones are posted by hopeful brokers that do not own the piece,  and all too often have never seen them either. Images are heavily filtered in apps, clumsily color-and-contrast adjusted simply to garner more “likes”.  In our globalized world where everyone has a camera-phone and an internet connection, Facebook and Instagram are the lowest-barrier-to-entry in relation to the potential client reach. As a consequence, much of the jewelry, diamond and gemstone posts are little more than ‘gem-porn’, detached from product’s quality-reality, posted by people who in reality are not as professional as they aspire to be.


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We do everything within our ability to truly represent the color and intensity of each and every gemstone accurately. However, please take into consideration that differences in lighting, mountings and gemstone angles may result in some items looking slightly lighter or darker than depicted in a photograph. Actual colors can also slightly vary depending on the quality of monitor depicting the item, its resolution and settings.

In order to bring you the highest standard and most representational gemstone photography on the internet, we use a sophisticated 100x microscopic-photography system. These micro-photographs have been enlarged and/or very slightly enhanced to show greater detail than seen in standard photography techniques. As a result, small inclusions depicted may not actually be visible to the naked eye and do not detract from the true beauty and value of each gem. We do our best grade our gemstones accurately according to our clarity definitions that are based on the Gemological Institute of America’s. However, clarity grading is a subjective science with no clear boundary between one grade and another. Perceived clarity grades may vary between one party and another. Due to minor manufacturing differences in various gemstone scales and calipers, both given weights and measurements may vary by up to +/- 2%.

www.rainbowsapphire.com need not honor typographical or pricing errors on this website or on any other third party websites. www.rainbowsapphire.com also reserves the right to refuse to do business with purchasers in perceived high-risk shipping destinations and countries.


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Gemstone Origin Opinions & Certificates

We do our very best to ensure that all our gemstones are disclosed with accurate country of origins. Due to the subjective manner in which gemological origin is determined, www.rainbowsapphire.com will not be held liable for 3rd Party gemological reports that differ from our origin opinion, and such differing opinions cannot be held as grounds for returns or negative feedbacks in 3rd party transaction gateways such as eBay, Amazon, Polygon or GemsRocksAuctions.

Gemological origin determination is frequently regarded as unreliable with different laboratories giving different countries of origin for similar stones, and in extreme cases giving different origins for the same stone that has been sent for certification twice. For more independent information on this subject please refer to: https://www.ganoksin.com/borisat/nenam/cs-sapphire-origin.htm and https://www.ruby-sapphire.com/dogfights.htm

We also do our best to ensure that all our gemstones are disclosed with accurate disclosure of beryllium treatment. Again, due to the subjective and varying manners in which beryllium is diagnosed, www.rainbowsapphire.com will not be held liable for 3rd Party gemological reports that differ from our origin opinion, and such differing opinions cannot be held as grounds for returns or for negative feedbacks in 3rd party websites.


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