85% of Women “Feel More Valued” with a Jewelry Gift

NEW YORK JEWELRY SURVEY — According to New Yorkers polled in a recent 2019 survey, 85% of women said that they “felt more valued” by their partners upon receiving a jewelry gift.

The poll conducted by the Manhattan market-research firm IpsoFacto surveyed women about the ranges of emotions and feelings generated, based on the premise of receiving of a jewelry gift, as well as any short and long-term perceptional changes covering both the relationship and the male partner.

A secondary group of questions moved on to matters regarding men giving jewelry-gifts out of penitence for relatively small-to-medium relational “hiccoughs”, and a final group of questions was posed around the love rats — could jewelry-gifting help the unfaithful get away with it?

New York Jewelry Survey Data Set

The poll surveyed women in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. Middle-income earners, all these women were capable of buying their own jewelry independently. The value of the gift was equivalent to one months salary, and all the qualifying women were in a relationship that was “usually functional and happy.”

Some 512 age-and-income-qualified women took part in the survey, from which 342 surveys were finished in entirety. The polling took place on Manhattan’s streets from the 14th to the 25th of November, and was a set of 23 questions and answers recorded via iPad survey-software.

Jewelry Gifts Given Selflessly

QUESTIONS 1 – 14. We asked respondents how they would feel upon receipt of a jewelry gift from their partner1,2,3. The results were overwhelmingly positive with a huge 88% of respondents agreeing with the statement that “they would feel more valued” upon receipt of this gift when sincerely given.

We went on to ask how they-in-turn would feel about their partner,  and we found that the perceived premium placed on her by her partner was reciprocated4,5,6.

88% of Women "Feel More Valued" with a Jewelry Gift

84% of Women "Value Their Partner More" After A Jewelry Gift

The questions went on to elicit other feelings that such as gift may generate7,8,9. Women experienced elevated feelings of “respect” by their partner, and in reciprocation felt “pride and gratitude” towards their partner.

Finally,  the last three questions of the survey’s first part covered how the woman perceives the “value or premium” that that both partners place on the relationship’10,11,12. The data stated that 81% of women would be likely to experience elevated feelings towards the value they placed on the relationship as a whole.


81% of Women "Felt Grateful" To, And "Proud" Of Their Partner

85% Experienced Elevated Feelings of "Value" They Placed Upon The Relationship.

Within the context of a “usually functional and happy relationship” and a sincere jewelry-gift, the last questions of the survey’s first-part asked: “would this jewelry gift be likely to contribute towards increased intimate-feelings to each other in the short-term?”  The overwhelming majority in the younger and middle-age brackets replied yes13,14,15. Please see more regarding age-demographics below.

Can Jewelry-Gifts Improve Intimate Feelings?

Yes. 31 - 40 Years 87%
Yes. 41 - 50 Years 81%
Yes. 51 - 60 Years 73%

Jewelry From The Penitent Man

QUESTIONS 16 – 22. A man’s idea† that gifts of jewelry could “help” placate a disappointed, frustrated or angry partner is a complex one.We asked: ‘could jewelry buy goodwill after a relational mishap?’, offered no context or detail for understanding, and restricted the answers to yes-or-no. The results were 68% no to 32% yes16,17.

We re-asked the same question giving details of two minor-to-medium lapses: 1] while away for work out-of-state, he stayed an extra weekend to drink, socialize and watch sports with friends, when previously he said he would be home. 2] the purchasing of a fishing boat with a value under $6,000, without any prior consultation18,19.

With the details of the lapse, and a jewelry gift that is part of a wider and genuine apology, the notion ‘could jewelry buy goodwill after a relational mishap?’ rose to 77%20,21

The difference between unsuccesful crude-bribe and a genuine apology-with-gift, is that women needed the full-explanation, acknowledgment of error with sincere apology, and to view the gift as a no-strings-attached present. In this context the gift functions as an emotion-amplifying adjunct to the apology.

The Penitent Man Shall Pass

Jewelry DOES Help Minor-to-Medium Relationship Conflict

77% of respondents said jewelry gifts accompanied by a genuine apology will be appreciated21. However, only 9% of jewelry gifted with an insincere apology are appreciated22.

The Love Rat’s. A Ticket To Ride?

QUESTIONS 23 – 25. The idea that gifts of jewelry can “buy” goodwill within a relationship that recently suffered from an episode of infidelity produced extremely low percentages, and was the most extreme emotional quotient in the whole survey. From the women’s verbal feedback they felt the notion was insulting to their dignity and worthy of scorn. The data for ‘could jewelry-gifts buy goodwill for cheating spouses?’ was below 4%.

Women overwhelmingly rejected the notion that jewelry gifts could be used as a “get out of jail” card for cheating spouses.

Shelley Summers, Ipso Facto.


The Demographics — Who Exactly Loves Jewelry Gifts?

The numbers tell us jewelry-as-gifts is the most popular with the middle-age-brackets. 

We can only unscientifically hypothesis that younger women have slightly different tastes or that the notion of staking-their-independence is more at forefront of their minds.

The older groups of ladies surveyed showed a waning interest as we moved up the age brackets. Although this data never crossed under 65%, the idea of expensive consumption does seem to be less enthralling to the older groups.


  • Likes Jewelry Gifts
  • Doesn't Like

EPILOGUE — Jewelry Gifts Are Highly Valued

“From the respondents answers it is clear that jewelry gifts can play a role in enhancing mood and amplifying positive feelings within a relationship.” Shelley Summers, IpsoFacto, New York.  No doubt with well-chosen items, careful timing and thoughtful presentation using both packaging and a sense-of-occasion, their impact and relationship-benefit can be enhanced further.

Raw Data At A Glance

Completed Survey
Like Jewelry Gifts
Feels Gratitude
Doesn't Enjoy Jewelry Gifts
Meet the Pollsters

The New York Jewelry Survey was co-commissioned by Flames Jewelry™ and IpsoFacto, New York (www.ipsofacto.agency). Organized and managed by Shelley Meyer, Consumer Behavioral Analyst at IpsoFacto, and statistics graduate of University of California—Berkeley. Assisted by Hayley Green, City University of New York, major in Analytics and assisted by Max Creswell.

If you would like purchase the complete questions, data-sets, and full report, please contact Robert Dunfield at: rob.dunfield@ipsofacto.agency