Unheated Ruby Price Calculator

Explore Ruby Prices With This Unheated Ruby Price Calculator


Discover ruby values by selecting and entering ruby parameters in the interactive form below. These values are based off New York asking-prices for a round or cushion cut unheated ruby of “good make”. Please read the page notes at the bottom†.

If your ruby is heated, please use the slightly different heated ruby price calculator. If you are not familiar with ruby, please read The Criterion – Connoisseurship in Ruby & Sapphire, which will give you a primer to the subtleties of evaluating rubies.


8 Carat Natural Burmese Ruby Sells for $2,000,000USD

In the Sotheby’s fall 2018 auctions an 8 Carat Burmese Ruby sold for $2,000,000

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† notes

¹ ruby color to be graded in natural-indirect sunlight.

² A value that is asked by USA or European dealers when replacing gemstones.

³ The values are based upon a New York asking price for replacement based on insurance claims. These values will be maximized when the ruby has a gem report or gem certificate such as the GIA’s or the AGL’s, and also that of a qualified jewelry appraiser.

⁴ These values are based off the values for a “good make”; meaning the item is well shaped, proportioned, with good brilliance, free of windowing, neat and symmetrical faceting that possesses a brilliant polish free of pitting, scratch marks and abrasions. If rubies have a “poor make” substantial discounts should be made.

⁵ Value in ruby is also accordant to shape. Rounds and cushions trade at a premium. Squarish ovals and trillions are value-neutral, with long ovals, egg-ovals, pears, hearts, long baguettes all trading at a discount.

* Color in ruby is 3-Dimensional. They looker redder, more orangish and reddish-purple in each of the three different crystal directions.

* Ruby color can shift under different light-source types such as daylight, fluorescent white or yellowish incandescent all seeing color temperatures and tints move one way or the other.

NOTE BIEN The results generated here will still need to interpreted within the guidelines of The Criterion – Connoisseurship in Ruby & Sapphire, and also the Clarity Grading of Ruby & Sapphire. Furthermore individual dealers may markup or discount in accordance to their creating a variation in price ranges.