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Designing the perfect piece of jewelry is the quest for harmony — the gold, the diamonds and the splashes of color, must balance and complement, without overpowering. Contrast, heft, negative space, light and dark, reflections and color are all taken into consideration.

This quest must also reflect the need for strength and durability without sacrificing elegance or proportion. When attained, the sum of the design becomes far greater than that of its individual components. The great jewelry houses of our time; Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Buccellati and others understand this — and this is what sets them apart.

Perfection is recognized by the eye on both conscious and subliminal levels, and, is not as expensive as you may think. The great jewelry houses have ultra-high costs with flagship stores in London, Paris and New York. They hire agencies for public relational advice, advertising executives to buy print advertising, spend on air-time in movies and shows, and pay celebrities to wear their products. Strip away at the brand-publicity and you can see their actual jewelry could be sold for less, but can’t be due to their branding costs.

Enter the lesser-known quality designers and bespoke craftsmen. The union between these roles creates great jewelry. Add an experienced gem buyer with an eye for quality, and the stage is set for jewelry that is instantly appreciable. Jewelry that everyone and anyone knows is top quality, that both owners and onlookers alike enjoy, admire and appreciate, triumphs of proportion, color and scintillation.

Jewelry Design at Flames™


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