S tarting from a small Paris shop in the Palais Royal in 1858, Boucheron has grown into one of the world’s most celebrated purveyors of haute joaillerie. Founded by Frédéric Boucheron, the company’s rise to stardom was fueled by royal patronage. King Ferdinand I famously commissioned Boucheron to produce breathtaking wedding jewelry for Princess Marie-Louise of Bourbon-Parma in 1893. European royals continued the enthusiastic patronage well into the 20th century.

With a name that’s now become synonymous with luxury and taste, Boucheron has experimented with a range of sophisticated styles throughout its history. Far Eastern, New Egyptian, Renaissance Revival, and Art Noveau were among those showcased during the late 1800s. When Frédéric’s Boucheron’s son Louis took control of operations after his father’s death in 1902, the young Boucheron expanded the company’s international reach, opening branches in New York and London. During Louis’ tenure at the helm, Boucheron’s reputation continued to grow. Their creations garnered prizes in international exhibitions in Paris, Milan, Madrid, and Brussels. During the Art Deco period, Boucheron won continual raves for their magnificent colored gemstones and original designs.

Today the company has boutiques in London, Moscow, New York, San Francisco, and Shanghai, while continuing to operate from its famous Parisian home on 26 Place Vendome. Boucheron’s sensual fine perfumes have also attracted new customers to the brand.