An 85 Gram Paraiba Type Cuprian Tourmaline

On a seemingly quiet and dull Thursday afternoon at the start of Thailand’s long hot monsoon, the tedium of the corona shutdown dragged on in Chanthaburi. The city seemed mostly shut, and the days and weeks were blurring together like a gemstone themed GroundHog Day that offered little action or no nice stones. That was, until the phone rang.

At the other end, was a colleague who promised he had found something unique. Something that had never been seen in such as size. I wondered if he had lost his senses and been seduced by the siren’s gold-fever-like-call of a mythical ‘strike it rich’ El Dorado type deal.

425 Carats of Copper Bearing Tourmaline

I asked him to send me a picture. His reply was that it was better to see with my own naked eyes. The gem would be in the city at just after lunch and we could look then. With no idea what this gem was, when it arrived, I was floored … [restrict] Sitting at my desk in an office that was dusty and full of construction materials  [/restrict]

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