Ethics, Eco-Credentials and Price Discovery for Synthetic Diamonds

Diamond synthesis has been technically possible for decades, but over the past few years, slowly but slowly, the the subject of commercially viable synthetic diamods has become more prominent but never dominating the press or the anxious thoughts of retailers and diamantaires. Until now.

lat years, DeBeers announced the opening of LighBox — a retail facing e-operation that retailed synthetic diamonds directly to the public bypassing all manner of tradiotnal partners within the industry.

Retailers were stunned, horrified and above all just confused. Was it  a betrayal? Was DeBeers bailing on the diamond industry? The answer is, of course, is that DeBeers is looking after its own interests. Which is the natural diamond business.

Green Credentials? I Don’t Think So

The amount of electricity needed to create them must be quite large. Because they are manufactured in coal powered China.

Who’s The Greenest of Them All?

Just say that lab grown diamonds cause more global warming problems than cows’ emission can 🙂

They are not lab created…they are grown in large factories. How is that eco friendly. They have little to no regulations and the conditions are not what they want you to imagine with “lab created”. Lies and deceit where diamonds Actually do good!

t`s like a Prius is an electric car and it takes 1/2 ton of coal to create the electricity to charge it up.A lab gown diamond has to re-create the temperature and pressure of a volcano.This is not accomplished with a bicycle pump


ny time I get anyone who pulls the conflict diamonds argument. I look at their shoes and tell them they should be more worried about little toddlers working in sweat shops

Ironically enough as a designer working in the responsible/sustainable jewelry space, I’ve had an issue with the lack of transparency I’ve gotten from lab grown diamond companies about where their diamonds are grown and cut ?‍♀️ They’re generally about the same carbon footprint as mined too but there is zero transparency on labor/cutting.

Value Propositions

Lab diamonds in the jewelry marketplace is a new thing, let’s look at history here…. Take a Fine gem Ruby at 1ct= $5000 vs. Lab created Rub 1ct= $5 over the course of the past 50+years the gem industry has been able to create Lab Ruby that tests as ruby now only $5. What do you think is going to happen 5,10 years from now when labs can replicate diamonds like they have ruby?

be sure when you sell one to inform the customer they’re buying a product with decreasing value as technology of growing improves!

Synthetics are not rare, they are not unique and in no way could they represent the personal connection that a one of kind natural diamond symbolizes between two people or is handed down from generation to generation between family members because we all know that a synthetic is maybe a decade or 2 old where as the naturals are millions already

This isn’t a sales line…but if someone actually thinks that Lab Diamonds are more eco-friendly, they obviously haven’t fully researched it. Not to mention…why in the world would you invest in something that’s price will probably fall through the floor at some point. So basically, it won’t have any value in years to come. It’s only a matter of time.

A positive is that they will eventually take the place of cz and provide much brighter and more durable low end jewelry. If you phrase it like that, you’re telling them it will be CZ in the future, yet also cutting out negative talk. If you can convey a message without negativity, you’ve won most of the battle because jewelry is a feel good purchase.

You need to mention that the whole. Reason your putting anything on her finger is it’s a guarantee , a lab is a stimulant that can be created and created again and again, when it comes to making things they get less expensive each time . So if your guarantee is scheduled to depreciate how is that a guarantee

There was just an article (can’t remember where I saw it) about Price’s continuing to fall. It’s not about eco friendly but it more about them being almost worthless. Technology increases and they become cheaper and cheaper to produce- it’s just basic technology and a race to the bottom!

she doesn’t fake it.. so you should’nt either

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